Amaryllis Problem

Q. The leaves of my Amaryllis is becoming curled and spotted I found some mealy bugs could this be my problem I took alcohol and cotton swabsto it but several weeks ago but the leaves are limp and spotted.

Succulant%20003Any suggestions?

Thank you as you have helped me in the past

May 2014

A. The photo you provided suggests that the plant does not have an insect pest problem, but the mosaic virus, which is not curable.

“When amaryllis contracts the mosaic virus, its leaves take on a blotchy look with yellow to red streaking. Over time, the virus will reduce the vigor and growth of the plant, and the leaves may die. Once the amaryllis has the virus, there is really no cure for it, although symptoms may worsen or improve depending on the season. To prevent the spread to other susceptible plants, remove and destroy infected plants right away.”

The above information is from an article, Growing the Delightful Amaryllis, by horticulturist Ronald C. Smith. The full article is available online from the North Dakota State University.

I’m sorry to report bad news, but it looks like time to get another amaryllis bulb.

Reply. Not the news I wanted to here but as you said get rid of them and their was 13 big red and pink. Hope it didn’t get into these last 5.

Thank you again as I wouldn’t want to lose anymore especially the Aztec Lily that has been around for over 50 years. It belonged to my Mother.

Again many thanks.

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